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Do you need a DVD recorder to record live shows or convert your old VHS tapes to DVD? These are just some of the many functions of a DVD recorder. There are hundreds of different types, models, and designs of DVD recorders available in the market. The LITEON DVD RECORDER is among the many high quality DVD recorders which offer various capabilities and functions you want in your new DVD recorder.

Lite-On is a group of companies which produce high quality consumer electronics and component products which include LED semiconductors, monitors, motherboards, computer frames, and DVD recorders among others. The company was founded in 1975 and later branched out into different divisions including the Lite-On Electronics in 1983, Power Conversion Division, and the Lite-On IT Corporation in 2006. The BenQ Corporation ODD (Optical Disk Drive) business was acquired by the Lite-On IT Corporation in 2006 and become one of the leading ODD manufacturers in the world.

There is a wide array of LITEON DVD RECORDERS available in the market today. Each of these DVD recorders offer varying features including DivX capability, time slip function, and a multi-format recording function among others. Some of the LITEON DVD RECORDER models available in the market include the LiteOn LVW-5045GDL, LiteOn LVW 5006 Dual Format DVD Recorder, and the Liteon LVW-1105HC Multi-Format DVD Recorder.

The LiteOn LVW-5045GDL is a DVD recorder with Hard Disk. If you hate running out of space while recording your favorite show, you will love this LiteOn DVD Recorder which offers a built-in 160GB Hard disk drive. Enjoy about 198 hours of uninterrupted viewing of your favorite video recordings. The marriage of both the optical drive and the built-in HDD allows you to record footages from your camcorder directly unto the hard disk. You can also copy any disc into the existing 160 HDD for editing. Would you like to freeze a live TV program while you are out? With “Time Shift” function you can freeze and unfreeze live TV programs when you want it. This unit also features the AllWrite Technology where you can record practically on all disc formats including DV+R/RW, DV-R/RW, and CD-R//RW.

The LiteOn LVW 5006 is a Dual Format DVD Recorder which can record on both DVD+R/RW and on DVD-R/RW media. You can also create VCD discs with the use of blank CD-R/RW media. You don’t have to be confused on what DVD or CD format to use. With the AllWrite technology which comes with each unit, recording is easy without confusions. This DVD recorder also comes with a DV-Link or the IEEE1394 port. This feature allows you to easily connect your camcorder to the LVW 5006. Other features include stereo tuner, videoplus, and progressive scan capability.

 The Liteon LVW-1105HC is also a multi-format DVD Recorder with multi- region capability. Some features include DivX video playback capability, easy DV dubbing, one touch recording, and time recording. Enjoy playing your favorite WMA, mp3, and audio cd’s using the LVW-1105HC. You will love the compact size of this LITEON DVD RECORDER which should be perfect especially if you have limited space. This unit also offers the AllWrite Technology for the user convenience.

Other LITEON DVD RECORDER includes the LiteOn All Write LVW-5005 DVD/CD Recorder, LiteOn HD-A760GX DVD Recorder, and the LiteOn DD-A300GX DVD Recorder among others. Get your own LiteOn DVD recorder today and enjoy the many features which each unit offers.